Our stakeholders

Engaging with a wide range of stakeholders helps INFRANET to make responsible decisions.

Our stakeholders are the many individuals and organizations who are affected in some way by INFRANET’s activities, whether it is in our role as an network integrator, an employer, or as a company that generates revenues and helps to boost local economies.


With nearly 300 employees, INFRANET relies on a range of internal communications channels to keep our employees informed about the context within which they work. We have established channels for our employees and contractors to raise concerns, and we maintain regular communication with union.


We engage with shareholders through our annual general meeting and other events. We communicate via roadshows, and one-to-one meetings.

Government and regulators

We engage with  UZ governments on many fronts, from revenue transparency to collaborating on community or entrepreneurial initiatives. Our code of conduct requires that our employees and contractors are honest and responsive in any interactions they have with government.

Contractors and partners

Safe and responsible operations rely on the capability and performance of our suppliers, contractors and partners. To this end, we set operational standards through legally-binding agreements and we help to build capability through training and dialogue.

Local communities

Talking with local people and other stakeholders helps our businesses to define what a positive or negative impact on the local community means. We depend on our relationships with communities. This is important for all our activities, but particularly for major new projects, where our presence may bring about changes in the local area, such as jobs, capacity and capability building for local suppliers and support for community development, but also increased road traffic, changes in land use and landscapes.