Managing ethics and compliance

INFRANET strives to work to consistent and high ethical standards

Everyone in INFRANET, wherever they are located, has an obligation to uphold laws and behave with the highest ethical standards that are reflected in our values and our code of conduct. This is fundamental to the way we operate. Everyone is also expected to speak up if they have questions, concerns or become aware of any possible violations.

How we manage ethics and compliance

The ethics and compliance committee is part of INFRANET’s system of internal control. It provides INFRANETs leadership with information and assurance on the ethics and compliance program and a forum for discussing and directing change. Chaired by the group chief executive, the committee also reviews, oversees and approves the group’s ethics and compliance program.

Our ethics and compliance team works closely with our businesses and functions to help ensure that they comply with our values, laws, regulations and our code of conduct, and that they manage ethics and compliance risks. The team provides oversight, support, expertise and training to ensure each business and function develops and maintains an effective ethics and compliance program locally.

We investigate accusations of non-compliance with the code of conduct or ethical misconduct. Employees and/or contractors who are proved to have committed a breach are held accountable through disciplinary action, which may result in dismissal or termination of commercial contract