Our code of conduct

INFRANET’s code of conduct outlines our commitment to high ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws wherever we operate 

Our code of conduct is based on our values and clarifies the ethics and compliance expectations for everyone who works at INFRANET. Where rules are not stated explicitly, our everyday business decisions are guided by our values. The code includes sections on operating safely, responsibly and reliably; our people; our business partners; the governments and communities we work with; and our assets and financial integrity.

The code takes into account key points from INFRANET’s internal standards related to anti-bribery and corruption, competition and anti-trust law.

Who the code applies to

Our code applies to every employee and officer in every entity.

We seek to work with contractors who operate under principles that are similar to those in our code. Where feasible, we seek a contractual commitment from such contractors to comply and work in line with our code. Where we have the right to do so, we will consider terminating contracts where a contractor has not complied with their obligations, or not renewing a contract where a contractor has acted in a manner that is not consistent with our values or our code.

Knowing the code

We conduct code training and refresher sessions to help employees apply the code requirements and its principles to.